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NIX / NONOG is an yearly event gathering the network engineers in Norway and neighbouring countries for a day of interesting technical talks, debates and peering.

NIX-2020 / NONOG-4 will take place on 25th of May 2020 in a new location, in the Auditorium at Karenslyst Allé 20, Oslo, Norway. See map here.

The venue, including lunch, is gracefully supported by our sponsor nLogic. The dinner is kindly supported by our sponsor Netnod. See the sponsors section for other sponsors and details.

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We started working on the agenda and we will make it available as soon as it will be set. Like in the previous years, NIX is organising the agenda before lunch and NONOG the remaining until dinner.

This is also a call for papers, where we would like to hear from you who are involved with:

  • Network Operations – and you have an interesting design or development you want to present
  • Network Automation – to talk about Ansible, Salt, Napalm, NSO, Inventories, or other solutions
  • SDN – for WAN, transport, DC, or other parts of the network
  • IoT – Internet of Things – interesting applications or use cases which need mobile technology.
  • Mobile Networking – LTE, 5G, Wifi, all things mobile.
  • Transport – interesting topic on WDM developments, fiber, copper, satellite, all things transportation.
  • Network Telemetry – collection of data via NetFlow, sFlow, streaming telemetry, and handling of the data via tools like Prometheus, TICK, or others
  • VNF – virtual network functions, and NFVI
  • IPv6 – addressing plans, implementation stories, heads-up for the ones only starting on this path.

If you are interested, please contact us at


The registration will be as always free thanks to our kind sponsors and will include lunch and dinner as in the previous years.

The registration form will be available soon. Please check back.


nLogic has expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of network and data center solutions. They deliver to customers who build and develop broadband networks, telecom networks and data centers, as well as customers with critical networks.

nLogic is our venue and lunch sponsor this year! Thank you!
With more than 20 years of experience at the core of the Internet, Netnod provides critical infrastructure support ranging from DNS services and root server operations to Internet exchange points (IXPs) and activities for the good of the Internet.

Netnod is kind enough to sponsor our dinner this year! Thank you!
Blix is a service provider delivering Internet access for customers with extreme demands on security, performance and uptime, data storage in a safe place with guaranteed latency towards the Internet, and colocation in secure data centres in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and New York.
Thank you for being a sponsor!