NONOG-1 / NIX 2017

May 22nd 2017, Professorboligen, Karl Johansgate 47, Oslo


In collaboration with NIX, we are glad to invite you to the first NONOG event of 2017!

The event took place on May 22nd 2017 at Professorboligen, Karl Johansgate 47 in Oslo.


09:00Registration and coffee with time for a chat
09:30Introductions - The NIX-staff will start the meeting and introduce the participantsNIX
09:45NIX and Netnod newsNIX
10:30Coffe - time to mingle with your peers!
10:45Euro-IX update, an update on peering in Europe and elsewhereNIX
11:00Marco Hogewoning (RIPE NCC) - Tools for IXPsNIX
Served in the same building
12:30Introduction to NONOGNONOG
12:45Bjørnar Forthun (Juniper) - Automation toolkit and telemetry in JunosNONOG
13:15Fredrik Holmberg (Equanic) - Open Network AutomationNONOG
14:00Atle Heimnes (Cisco) - Introduction to Segment RoutingNONOG
14:30Ragnar Anfinsen (Altibox) - An IPv6 story and why it is taking so longNONOG
15:15Andre Vink (MRV) - Secure high speed Optical networkingNONOG
15:45The road ahead for NONOG and IPv6 ForumNONOG
16:00Summary of the meeting.
Decide when to meet again.
We invite all attendees to a pub-style dinner after the meeting


Registration was opened on the NIX site for the event. The registration was free thanks to NIX and the sponsors.


Mingling during the lunch break
Bjørnar Forthun (Juniper) talking about Automation toolkit and telemetry in Junos
Fredrik Holmberg (Equanic) talking about Open Network Automation
Atle Heimnes (Cisco) talking about Segment Routing
Ragnar Anfinsen (Altibox) telling us a story about IPv6
Andre Vink (MRV) updating us on secure high speed Optical networking
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Oslo
The NONOG board, introducing the NONOG part of the event